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Michele Scian

Post Doc 2007-2010


A Byrne, BL Kier, DV Williams, M Scian, NH Andersen Circular Permutation of the Trp-cage: Fold Rescue upon Addition of a Hydrophobic Staple RSC Advances 3 2013 19824-19829.

I Shu, M Scian, JM Stewart, BL Kier, NH Andersen 13C structuring shifts for the analysis of model beta-hairpins and beta-sheets in proteins: diagnostic shifts appear only at the cross-strand H-bonded residues Journal of Biomolecular NMR 56 2013 313-329.

M Scian, I Shu, KA Olsen, K Hassam, NH Andersen Mutational Effects on the Folding Dynamics of a Minimized Hairpin Biochemistry 52 2013 2556-2564.

M Scian, JC Lin, I Le Trong, G.I. Makhatadze, R.E Stenkamp, NH Andersen Crystal and NMR structures of a Trp-cage mini-protein benchmark for computational fold prediction PNAS 109 2012 12521-12525.

I Shu, JM Stewart, M Scian, BL Kier, NH Andersen β-Sheet 13C Structuring Shifts Appear only at the H-bonded Sites of Hairpins J. Am. Chem. Soc. 133 2011 1196-1199.