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Katherine A. Olsen

Graduate Student 1999-2006

Chemistry Instructor; Pierce College in Puyallup

Ph.D. Chemistry, 2006
University of Washington, Seattle, WA
Thesis: NMR studies reveal the kinetics and thermodynamics of hairpin formation
M.S. Chemistry, 2002
University of Washington, Seattle, WA
B.A. Chemistry, 1999
Willamette University, Salem, OR


M Scian, I Shu, KA Olsen, K Hassam, NH Andersen Mutational Effects on the Folding Dynamics of a Minimized Hairpin Biochemistry 52 2013 2556-2564.

NH Andersen, KA Olsen, RM Fesinmeyer, X Tan, FM Hudson, L Eidenschink, SR Farazi Minimization and Optimization of Designed beta-Hairpin Folds Journal of the American Chemical Society 128 2006 6101-6110.

RM Fesinmeyer, FM Hudson, KA Olsen, GWN White, A Euser, NH Andersen Chemical Shifts Provide Fold Populations and Register of β Hairpins and β Sheets Journal of Biomolecular NMR 33 2005 213-231.

KA Olsen, RM Fesinmeyer, JM Stewart, NH Andersen Hairpin Folding Rates Reflect Mutations Within and Remote from the Turn Region Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA 102 2005 15483-15487.

RB Dyer, SJ Maness, S Franzen, RM Fesinmeyer, KA Olsen, NH Andersen Hairpin Folding Dynamics: The Cold-Denatured State Is Predisposed for Rapid Refolding Biochemistry 44 2005 10406-10415.