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Jasper C. Lin

Graduate Student 2000-2007

Associate Scientist, Genentech

Ph.D. Chemistry, 2007
University of Washington, Seattle, WA
Thesis: Application of the Trp cage Motif to Polypeptide Folding Questions
M.S. Chemistry, 2002
University of Washington, Seattle, WA
B.S. Chemistry, 1998
University of California, Berkeley, CA


M Scian, JC Lin, I Le Trong, G.I. Makhatadze, R.E Stenkamp, NH Andersen Crystal and NMR structures of a Trp-cage mini-protein benchmark for computational fold prediction PNAS 109 2012 12521-12525.

JM Stewart, JC Lin, NH Andersen Lysine and Arginine Residues Do Not Increase the Helicity of Alanine-rich Peptide Helices Chemical Communications 39 2008 4765-4767.

B Barua, JC Lin, DV Williams, P Kummler, JW Neidigh, NH Andersen The Trp-cage: optimizing the stability of a globular miniprotein Protein Engineering Design & Selection 21 2008 171-185.

KH Mok, LT Kuhn, M Goez, IJ Day, JC Lin, NH Andersen, PJ Hore A Pre-existing Hydrophobic Collapse in the Unfolded State of an Ultrafast Folding Protein Nature 255 2007 106-109.

JC Lin, B Barua, NH Andersen The Helical Alanine Controversy: An (Ala)6 Insertion Dramatically Increases Helicity Journal of the American Chemical Society 126 2004 13679-13684.