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Irene Shu

Graduate Student 2006-2011

B.S. Chemistry, 2006
National Tsing Hua University


K Sivanesam, I Shu, KNL Huggins, M Tatarek-Nossol, A Kapurniotu, NH Andersen. Peptide Inhibitors of the amyloidogenesis of IAPP: verification of the hairpin-binding geometry hypothesis FEBS Letters 255 2016 2575-2583.

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I Shu, M Scian, JM Stewart, BL Kier, NH Andersen 13C structuring shifts for the analysis of model beta-hairpins and beta-sheets in proteins: diagnostic shifts appear only at the cross-strand H-bonded residues Journal of Biomolecular NMR 56 2013 313-329.

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