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Bipasha Barua

Graduate Student 1999-2005

Post-doc at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore India.

Ph.D. Chemistry, 2005
University of Washington, Seattle, WA
Thesis: Design and Study of Trp-cage Miniproteins
M.S. Chemistry, 1999
Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India
B.S. Chemistry, 1997
Cotton College, Assam, India


A Byrne, V Williams, B Barua, SJ Hagen, BL Kier, NH Andersen Folding Dynamics and Pathways of the Trp-cage Miniproteins Biochemistry 53 2014 6011-6021.

DV Williams, B Barua, NH Andersen Hyperstable miniproteins: additive effects of D- and L-Ala mutations Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry 6 2008 4287-4289.

B Barua, JC Lin, DV Williams, P Kummler, JW Neidigh, NH Andersen The Trp-cage: optimizing the stability of a globular miniprotein Protein Engineering Design & Selection 21 2008 171-185.

JC Lin, B Barua, NH Andersen The Helical Alanine Controversy: An (Ala)6 Insertion Dramatically Increases Helicity Journal of the American Chemical Society 126 2004 13679-13684.

B Barua, NH Andersen Determinants of Miniprotein Stability: Can Anything Replace a Buried H-bonded Trp Sidechain? Letters in Peptide Science 8 2002 221-226.